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DC Lukoda O.G. Black/Charcoal

$94.95 USD $99.95 USD

  • “A durable, high quality skateboarding shoe, the Lukoda has a unique style that is backed by rugged construction and materials along with technical features that it shares with many DC Shoe models. High abrasion action nubuck and heavy suede make the upper tough and resistant while distinctive mesh panels are breathable and light. The sweeping action nubuck side panel is accented by a two-tone rubber DC logo, and two-tone TR rubber lace loops protect the cord laces. A thin, flexible V1 Buck 5000 toe cap extends back from the toe to withstand ollie wear. The comfortable foam padded tongue is held in place with internal elastic straps which ensure increased foot stability while skateboarding, and an action nubuck pull strap on the heel makes the Lukode easy to slip on. Sticky gum rubber on the sole is resistant to wear, and a shock absorbing heel cushion helps diffuse landing impact. With all of these exceptionally durable features, the Lukoda can’t be beat.”