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StrangeLove Consume / Daisy T-Shirt

$30.00 USD

"I was gonna swipe and bastardize yet another premium quote like, "Either buy this T-shirt or start eating that trashcan," but then I thought, "Fuck. I wonder if someone will think I'm dissing the Bones Brigade with this design?" In all honesty, I'm not. Not in the least. If anything I'm harkening back to a time when I first started skating and was enthralled by all these mythical sounding names on the bottom of the boards. Tony Hawk? Mike McGill? Steve Caballero? Lance Mountain? By the names alone, I would've thought they were all make believe people dreamt up in a marketing lab—or, in this case, a supreme race of highly skilled aliens hiding amongst us normals with the subconscious message to consume their pro models, which I for one certainly did on multiple occasions even to my own Boneite detriment. The funniest thing about the original tee design, though, is that someone clearly got clipped out right behind Cab and I always wondered who that unfortunate someone was (my best guess is a freestyler)."—Cliver