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Vans Eco Theory Slip-On SF Black/White

$49.95 USD $60.00 USD

Being earth-conscious means more than just utilizing responsibly sourced materials. It means taking a holistic approach to health and sustainability. These key values are the guiding principles in crafting this collection, with the goal being to make a more thoughtful product from the ground up. 

From 100% organically grown cotton canvas uppers to a responsibly sourced natural rubber outsole that still maintains the grip and durability that Vans has been known for since 1966, the Eco Theory Slip-On SF combines environmental consciousness with the classic Vans style you love. This iconic slip-on shoe also includes a checkerboard print, collapsible heels, elastic side accents, and water-based inks and glues.

  • ORGANICALLY GROWN COTTON CANVAS: Vans' organic cotton canvas is made from non-GMO natural seeds, without the use of synthetic pesticides.
  • NEW NATURAL RUBBER COMPOUND: This all-new Vans Rubber Compound is made from responsibly sourced natural rubber sourced from tree farms that follow ethical and sustainable practices to minimize harm to the ecosystem, all while maintaining the grip and durability that Vans has been known for since ‘66.